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Franz Primig

Franz Primig

“People can learn a lot from bees.” Franz Primig, 2022

Franz is a beekeeper and has been managing the beekeeping center Naturpark Dobratsch with his wife for 4 years. He supports young beekeepers and all those who want to become one, in order to bring people closer to the bee. Franz has been involved with bees and beekeeping with great pleasure for over 40 years.

To learn more about Franz and his bees you can watch our interview:

Contact and location

Franz Primig
Tel.: 0699 11 55 66 44

Imkerzentrum Naturpark Dobratsch
Bleiberger Straße 251
9500 Villach

Project Be(e) smart

We are a diploma group from the HAK Villach, consisting of four dedicated young ladies, who are dedicated to the bees.

If the bees are doing well, then the people are doing well.

With this in mind, we want to create the necessary awareness with our project and draw attention to this important insect.

The bee is important for all of us and that is why we decided to design and carry out this project with Franz Primig.

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