Project Be(e) smart


Bee sponsorship

There have been two beehives at the HAK Villach since June 2022.

For our buzzing talents you can now acquire a bee sponsorship.

As a small thank you for your financial support, you will receive a certificate and a sweet sample of the school honey (including honey, honey spoon and bee tag).

To stay up to date with our school bees, check out our Instragram.

Bee meadow

In order to provide our HAK school bees and other flower pollinating insects with sufficient food, we have established a flower meadow at HAK Villach.

Our school caretaker Mr. Schmuck was very enthusiastic about the idea and procured 8 tons of earth for us and soon began to level the earth and plant the bee-friendly seeds.

At the beginning of June you could already guess a carpet of colorful and wild flowers, which bloomed in full glory in the summer.



Isabella organized a workshop at the Dobratsch Nature Park on June 30, 2022 with beekeeper Franz Primig, our  thesis supervisor Professor Ziak and 20 students.

When the students arrived, Isabella had already prepared everything so that we could start immediately. After a short welcome, Franz started his lecture and gave us an insight into the world of bees. Afterwards we went to his beehives and those who dared could even stroke the bees. In the meantime, the group made a small honey bread snack with Franz’s honey. After that we divided into two groups. The first group made candles from beeswax with Franz and the second group made soaps with Stefanie and Isabella. The honey soaps were embellished with roses, hay, flowers, lavender and scents. Everyone was of course allowed to take away their made products.

As a thank you for Franz’s hosting and patience, we gave him a gift basket at the end of the workshop and we are looking forward to coming to him again.


Thanks to the friendly support of the company Holz Köferle and the engineering office Pilgram, it was possible to carry out our project.

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